** Jack Butler ** 
 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2012 

Jack Butler's career in the NFL began as a player in 1951 and ended with his retirement as Director of BLESTO 
Scouting in 2007. During his 9 year playing career, Jack compiled some remarkable statistics: 

Interceptions (#2 on All-Time list at retirement) 
Forced Turnovers Percentage - Highest All-Time (60.2%)
4 Times All-Pro  / 5 Time Pro-Bowl Selection
Led the NFL in Interceptions - 1957
NFL Team of the Decade - 1950's
NFL 50th Anniversary All-Time Team
Pittsburgh Steelers 50th and 75th Anniversary Teams

Jack's playing days were followed by a 46 year career with the BLESTO Scouting Combine 
(44 years as it's Director). During this time, his contributions to the NFL included:

Scouting and evaluating over 75,000 college athletes
Starting the Combine scouting process, still in use today
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